At Calling Academy, sport is an integral part of our curriculum, fostering physical well-being
and character development. While sport is compulsory at our institution, we empower our
students to select from a range of athletic activities. Among these options, soccer stands
out as the most popular choice among our learners.
Our soccer program embodies our commitment to striking a balance between inclusivity
and performance. We pride ourselves on nurturing an environment where every player feels
valued and can contribute regardless of their skill level.
At Calling Academy our objectives stretches beyond the pursuit of victory on the field. We
prioritise teaching sportsmanship, teamwork, respect and aim to utilise sport as a vessel to
equip our learners with skills that reflect the values of our school.


Cricket, with its spirit of teamwork and discipline, significantly shapes the lives of our young men, fostering valuable life skills, camaraderie and a passion for this sport.  Cricket at Calling Academy Stellenbosch grows a passion for sportsmanship, that extends beyond the boundaries of the game.  Some of our learners received regional recognition for their cricketing talents.  Mr Anwell Cupido, a former provincial cricketer and teacher at the school, leads this sport to great heights at our school.


Trail running is a fantastic sport in that it requires little equipment and can be practised individually. The beautiful vineyards surrounding the school are the training ground for the trail runners! Our learners have participated at multiple trail running events and have been raking in the medals! Our passionate coach, Mr Jannie Kirsten is himself an avid trail runner.


Calling Academy Stellenbosch is the first school in the City to integrate Pickleball into our sports program.  The access we have to the Vlaeberg Tennis Courts, next to our school, has given learners the opportunity to participate in this great sport.  In partnership with Pickleball Cape Town, the students that take part in this sport, learn valuable skills and receive exceptional coaching from the Pickleball Cape Town team. Our learners enjoy a time of great fun during practise and tournaments.


Having recently installed basketball equipment on the one court of the Vlaeberg Tennis Club, basketball quickly became a very popular sport at the school.