What an incredible journey it has been – from a humble and dusty start in 2018, to a beautiful school of more than 300 in 2024! Calling Academy Stellenbosch is investing in the lives of its young men and can confidently send them into life after school.

We are grateful to everyone who has believed in the school’s vision – learners, parents, staff, volunteers and supporters. We are grateful to God for without his grace we would not have a school to begin with!

After a short few years, Calling Academy Stellenbosch has a firm foundation, but hard work and commitment from various stakeholders lies ahead to keep taking the school forward. Thank you for being on that journey with us!

Yours in making every effort to confirm our calling

Raoul Hamman





“Nothing in our day is more needed, more timely and more hope-generating than this initiative.”

Cassie Carstens, Founder: The World Needs a Father

“A hugely talented and passionate team has developed a vision and model to provide the highest level of education to their learners.”

Sean Farrell, SEED Investments CEO

“I asked my son what he thought about the school and he said “I like it. We all click, it feels like home”

Mandi Sixabayi, Parent of Calling Academy Stellenbosch

“Calling Academy is not only about the academics, the sport, the facilities, but really about the brotherhood bonds that we create at school. These bonds will echo throughout eternity!”

Mpilo Ruka, Calling Academy Stellenbosch Headboy 2022

“Teaching at Calling makes me feel like I am changing the world for the better! Everyone here is so committed to helping our learners fulfil their dreams and confirm their callings.”

Reinhard Appolis, Calling Academy Stellenbosch Teacher

“Calling Academy is not just an educational institution. It is a movement I am privileged to be part of to bring lasting impact in our community.”

Poloko Mosesi, Calling Academy Kroonstad Administrator