Is it possible to make truly excellent education available at a fee affordable to learners from low-income communities?

In what ways can the inspiration so desperately needed in the South African education landscape be provided? How does a school with an authentically Christian ethos position itself in modern society in terms of personal mentoring and cutting-edge educational initiatives? These questions led to Calling Education being established.

Calling Education has the audacious vision of developing the most relevant model of providing top-quality education to learners from low-income communities for South Africa. This vision led to Calling Academy, an all-boys high school, being established in 2018 outside Stellenbosch. The early success of the school spawned a co-ed Calling Academy, established in Kroonstad in January 2022.

Apart from running these schools, our mission includes providing thought leadership in the field of low-fee education and raising the bar in this context of South African education.


Our crest affirms our vision, mission and Christian ethos. The C-shaped emblem resembles the C of Calling Education and Calling Academy. The conviction that God is calling the teachers and learners entrusted to us is central to our approach.

The torch resembles the passing on of legacy. There are two flames in the torch – a larger and a smaller one. This resembles the role of fatherhood and mentoring that enables young men and women to leave powerful legacies. The flames also represent the passion that resides in one who grasps his or her calling.

The different levels of the torch’s handle represent the steps of growth that a young man or woman takes. If well-guided and mentored, this culminates in the passionate flames of calling and the person’s ability to leave a significant legacy.

The school’s motto is Making every effort to confirm our calling. This is taken from 2 Peter 1:10 with the emphasis on learners having to latch on to every opportunity and to ensure that God’s calling and purpose for their lives come to pass.


Calling Education is a non-profit company with a Christian foundation and ethos.

The name of the schools reflects their origin in the Lord’s calling. The Christian ethos ties in strongly with the drive for relevance as we strive to help learners see their lives in the context of this calling. All learners are expected to buy into an ethos of gratefulness for their opportunities and of dedication in the light of a personal vision for life. Furthermore, respect for and kindness towards adults and each other is a crucial part of the school’s ethos.

  • The schools have no formal denominational links or church affiliations.
  • Regular chapel or church services are not held as part of the school programme. However, services might be held at special occasions where attendance could be compulsory.
  • While all learners are exposed to Christian teaching, no-one is forced to adopt Christian beliefs. Presenters and leaders are encouraged to be true to the Christian message while remaining sensitive to non-Christian learners.
  • Critical thinking and open-mindedness are encouraged and specifically developed at the schools. Engagement with the issues of broader society is important to the school’s learning outcomes.
  • The weekly Connect Groups operate from a Christian foundation and a biblical framework exists for some enrichment modules such as Future Fathers.
  • Bible readings, Christian messages and prayers form part of assembly meetings and teachers will be afforded the liberty to do the same at the start of school days and to share their faith.
  • There is no discrimination in the admissions process based on religion.