Dr Mallory Dwinal-Palisch, the co-founder of Oxford Day Academy in the USA, connected with Calling from 2018. One of her dreams is to implement the so-called Oxford Tutorial Method, used at Oxford University in the UK, in the secondary school context. The tutorial method aims at developing the ability of learners to critically shape and defend their views and arguments. Calling Academy is the first international partner of the Oxford Day Academy and has developed a close relationship with the Centre for Tutorial Teaching at Oxford University

The highlight of this collaboration is an annual convention at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. During this visit, learners stay in the centre of the historic and famous university. They get to know some of the students and professors of Oxford while developing their own academic abilities. In 2019, Liam Louw and Rorisang Ntshokolwana were the first learners from Calling to visit Oxford, London and the English countryside. After the disappointments of 2020 and 2021, six learners of Calling Academy Stellenbosch have been selected to make the trip to England in August 2022.

The Centre of Tutorial Teaching has developed a training programme for intern teachers at Calling Academy. Kate Niemöller, former English teacher at Calling, now heads up the implementation of the tutorial method.