Calling Education is hunting for high-calibre leadership talent amongst students who are completing their undergraduate studies in 2020.  

If you want to make a meaningful impact in South Africa with your academic talents, innovation ability and interpersonal skills, this opportunity is exactly what you are looking for.

Calling Education seeks to appoint intern teachers for a high-powered 2021 in which students will be placed on a trajectory of impactful leadership in education. You do not need teaching experience or a teaching qualification.

The programme will entail: 

  • PGCE (part-time remote learning)
  • Internship at Calling Academy with teaching responsibilities
  • Super-charged enrichment programme built on partnerships with impactful organisations

Join us for the information event on Thursday 10 September, 17:30 at Calling Academy. RSVP essential.

Please contact Nerine Louwrens at for more information or to receive updates.


Attracting the best possible teachers to Calling Academy is at the core of our vision. We would rather have outstanding teachers teaching in average facilities, than have average teachers teaching in outstanding facilities. Building a top teaching team with a great team culture is one of our very highest priorities.


After a position is advertised, prospective employees should submit a cover letter, their CV and proof of SACE registration to Nerine Louwrens at or contact Werner Cloete at for more information. Teachers who want to send their CV for future reference even when a position is not advertised are welcome to do so.


Even though Calling Academy is an independent school, all teachers need to be registered with the South African Council of Educators. Teachers not registered with SACE will be required to register as soon as possible after their appointment. When applying for a position, please attach proof of your registration with SACE.

The new staff members that joined Calling Academy in 2020 are NC Vermeulen, Lita Hahn and Reinhard Appolis.


While Calling Education is a non-profit company, we wish to provide a long term home for teachers through a competitive remuneration policy. Salaries for specific positions are not advertised on the website but will be discussed with applicants.


This description is provided so that prospective employees can assess their own suitability for the Calling environment.


As part of working in a young school and organisation, employees of Calling Education need to be innovative and flexible. Classroom dynamism and innovation is expected. A willingness to fulfil roles outside your area of expertise is important.


We value our learners and the community that we serve, hence there can be no compromise when it comes to professional excellence. Staff members are expected to maintain a superb work ethic at all times. Thoroughness, attention to detail and a willingness to make sacrifices are expected from all staff.


Calling Education has a distinctive Christian ethos that underpins its entire value system. We equally welcome applications from non-Christian staff, but such applicants need to be willing to work in a Christian environment and not subvert the Christian ethos of the school. No staff member will be expected to carry out duties relating to Christian mentoring that they are not comfortable with. In the appointment process, applicants will not be disadvantaged based on their faith, but suitability to carry out duties relating to Christian mentorship could count in favour of an applicant. The most suitable candidate for every job description will be sought.


Working in Calling Academy requires excitement regarding an environment where different cultures come together. Racism or racist comments will never be tolerated.


The quality of staff interactions is an important indicator of a school’s health. Every staff member is a precious partner and co-worker towards a common goal. Staff members are expected to partake in team building activities and functions. Gossip is not allowed, mature conflict handling is expected and placing the needs of other staff members above your own is required.


Staff members need to be comfortable with basic advances in technology and need to be willing to make use of digital platforms to support the development of learners. Classrooms are equipped with projectors and WiFi so a wealth of possibilities.


Local and even international volunteers play a role in school life. Staff members need to be comfortable in engaging with volunteers in a friendly and welcoming way.