Academic excellence is at the heart of Calling Education’s identity. This can only be a reality if teachers and students maintain the right mind-set. Recruiting outstanding teachers is therefore central to Calling’s philosophy. There are many examples of learners who excelled academically thanks to sheer grit and commitment to hard work. That is the work ethic expected from learners.

At Calling, we deliberately structure our timetable to promote self-discipline and autonomous learning. We wish for our learners to develop their ability to study. Self-paced learning is there integrated into the school day. The aim of this approach is not merely to help learners get good marks, but to prepare them for studying at a tertiary level where these abilities are even more important.

A range of initiatives is in place to promote academic excellence at Calling, including:

  • Mind-set investments in teachers and learners
  • Deliberate promotion of autonomous learning through self-paced learning
  • Integration of a digital study platform (School-in-a-Box) that allow in-class differentiation
  • Integrating a flipped classroom approach where appropriate
  • Use of the Oxford Tutorial Method to promote critical and structured thinking


A heightened emphasis is placed on Maths and English in Grade 8 and Grade 9. This is achieved by supplementing learners’ Maths classwork with extra work on a whatsapp group and allocating self-paced learning specifically to Maths and English.