What sort of financial model makes high quality education available at a truly affordable fee? And can this be done sustainably? We believe that a deeper question first needs to be asked: who is responsible for funding high quality, low fee education in South Africa? The answer to this question determined the financial model of the school. There are a number of parties responsible and the school’s funding model is structured to allow them all the opportunity to contribute without asking any party more than what they can pay sustainably.

Calling Academy relies heavily on the government subsidy from the Western Cape Education Department and parents to pay their school fees. Apart from those two revenue streams, the school uses private funding in the form of learner partnerships and other funding to deliver the high quality education it is fast becoming known for.


The school fee for 2021 is R 6 456 per learner. The 2022 school fee has not been finalised but will see a minor increase from the current fee. A R 500 deposit must be paid in the year preceding the year of admission. This R500 is not a separate registration amount and counts as part of the school fee payment. The R500 deposit should only be paid if a learner is accepted into the school and not as part of the application process.

The balance of the school fee can be paid in one of the following ways:

  • Once-off payment of the full amount before 1 March. There is no discount available for choosing this payment option.
  • A monthly payment by debit order or EFT for 10 months. Cash payments are discouraged.
  • A monthly payment by debit order or EFT for 12 months. Cash payments are discouraged.

Payment method:

  • Parents are requested to pay by EFT or debit order. Cash deposits into the school bank account are strongly discouraged because of the cash handling fees that the school incurs.
  • Cash payments at the school office are not preferred, but can be accepted should parents not be able to pay by EFT.

Take further note that:

  • Seeing that the school has already raised significant private funding to ensure that all learners only have to pay a low fee, there are no further bursaries available.
  • The school can provide parents with a letter to assist them to raise the school fees for their son.
  • The school has a very basic feeding scheme consisting of FutureLife (first break) and bread (second break) with no extra cost involved.
  • Textbooks are not provided by the school. Parents need to purchase them and take good care of them with the prospect of re-selling.
  • The cost of the school uniform is excluded from the school fees.
  • Transport for school activities and the activities themselves are included in the school fee. In the case of an extraordinary tour or event, parents may be required to cover their own costs.
  • The tablets that the school provides are kept at school.
  • Transport to and from school on school days are not included in the school fee.


School and registration fees need to be paid into the following account. No school or registration fees may be paid before a learner has been admitted to the school. Donations should not be paid to the following account.


Calling Education NPC

First National Bank
Branch: Stellenbosch
Branch code: 200610
Account number: 62578933824
Reference: Name and surname of learner OR Family school fee code