In Calling Academy’s first year, a remarkable article about our school was published in the influential German newspaper, Die Zeit. Professor Jan Springob from the Centre for Teacher Education at the University of Cologne saw the article and decided to visit Calling in 2018. His desire was to seek out enriching international teaching possibilities for his students during their student years. Our aim of giving Calling boys global exposure and perspective would be well served by such an initiative.

In January 2020, Mr Möritz Schuetz became the first student teacher from Germany to spend time at Calling Academy. Mr Schuetz added excellent value and we look forward to receiving more student teachers from the University of Cologne.

We are also discussing further possibilities with Professor Springob in terms of using virtual input from students of the University of Cologne in lessons at Calling and growing our collaboration so the student teachers can be “digital interns” to some extent at Calling.