Calling Academy uses the school buildings of the old Vlaeberg Primêre Skool. More than 60 years ago, the farmers and community role players helped to establish the school to serve the children from the local farms.

Many of the current farmers in the area are grandchildren of those original owners of the property. The current farmers have ensured that the use of the property remains true to the vision and mandate of their grandparents. The site is situated amongst vineyards and has breathtaking views of Helderberg mountain.

The old building has the following facilities:

  • 5 classrooms in continuous use with data projectors.
  • 1 staff room which is due to be converted back to a classroom in 2022.
  • Reception area
  • Separate bathrooms for learners and staff
  • Principal’s office

The following new facilities have been added before the start of the 2021 school year:

  • 3 new prefabricated classrooms with data projectors
  • 1 new prefabricated computer centre with 35 computers and data projector
  • 1 classroom in the back of the computer centre used on a part-time basis without a data projector. This classroom also has a music area with a recently donated piano.
  • 1 container converted into our library and counselling space
  • Quad area outside the old classrooms with trees
  • Pathway with stairs to serve the new classrooms

The site has the following sport facilities:

  • Soccer field
  • Two recently completed cricket nets
  • Access to two tennis courts of the Vlaeberg Tennis Club